Dr. Butz personally tends to every patient.

General Information

Dr. Butz offers you comprehensive general and digital image examinations using the latest technology

Dr. Butz and his staff provide services in the areas of preventative care, restorative dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry. The dental hygienists have been providing gentle, thorough cleanings in his office for more than 20 years.



Any ADA approved toothpaste is fine. Specific types include Colgate Total (which uses an antimicrobial to reduce gingivitis), sensitivity protection, and dry mouth pastes . Decay prevention pastes include GC America’s MI paste with fluoride and a decay reducing high concentration of calcium and phosphorus. Other high fluoride concentration pastes are also available.



Electric Toothbrushes

Manual and electric brushes can be equally effective if used correctly. However, electric brushes are especially effective for children, teens, anyone with arthritis or dexterity problems, patients with gingivitis or gum disease, and those with extensive bridgework. The two types are oscillating/rotating, and sonic vibrating.


The Diagnodent is a cavity detection device that uses a low powered laser to measure the fluorescence of the tooth structure. This allows detection of very small spots of decay before they could otherwise be found with x-ray or visual methods. The Diagnodent can also determine if a dark spot is really decay or should be left alone.

Interdental Cleaning Aids

In addition to floss, floss holders, interdental or proxybrushes, and “GUM Soft Picks” may be very useful in removing plaque and debris from the teeth.